Sandblast Glass Beads 80#

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Glass beads for sandblasting has the features of chemical stability, high mechanical intensity and hardness. They can be blasted onto the object surface with compressed air and can be used on compress glass, rubber, plastic, moulds with metal casting or compressing. The jetting balls would help reduce elasticity of the surface materials and increase wearing capacity.

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Sandblasting glass bead with the characteristics of certain mechanical hardness, strength, and strong chemical stability. They are manufactured from soda lime silica glass and can be used as blasting materials to remove many different types of surface imperfections, including metal cleaning, surface finishing, peening, deburring. It lowers visibility of any potential damage, scratches, smaller defects after welding, grinding, or spot welding and raises product´s corrosion resistance and help to increasing wearing capacity.

Glass bead blasting is suitable not only for final treatment of a new product or as a pre-treatment before subsequent chemical processes (electroforming, anodic oxidation), it also breathe new life into older objects, be it motor components, art and decorative objects or interior accessories.

Product Specification

Main products specification for sandblasting according to following table:

No. Diameter(um) Corresponding sieve size
1 850-425 20-40
2 425-250 40-60
3 250-150 60-100
4 150-105 100-140
5 105-75 140-200
6 75-45 200-325

You can choose different size glass bead between 45um-850um according to different function.

High Strength Glass Beads (for Blasting)
With compressed air as implicit power, this product is made by sprinkling beads under high speed and pressure on the surface of workpiece for peening and polishing.

Other purposes of the products are as follows:
1. Clear diverse moulds of impact forging, forging, glass, rubber and plastic, metal casting and extrusion.
2. Eliminate tensile stress, increase fatigue life and enhance stress corrosion resistance. For example, aircraft engine turbo, vane, shaft, undercarriage, diversified springs and gears, etc.
3. Clean and remove slitter edge and burr on the circuit plate and plastic-sealed geminate transistors before stannum soldering
4. Remove stems in the piston and cylinder and provide bright and half-lackluster surface for medical mechanical instruments and automobile parts
5. Clear electromotor and such parts as loop, electric brush and rotor of during heavy repair
6. Clean up and remove burr of metal tube and precisely-melten non-ferrous metal tube. Be used for peening aggrandizement and polishing of textile machinery parts. 

High Strength Glass Beads for blasting

Type Mesh Grain Size μ m
30# 20-40 850-425
40# 30-40 600-425
60# 40-60 425-300
80# 60-100 300-150
100# 70-140 212-106
120# 100-140 150-106
150# 100-200 150-75
180# 140-200 106-75
220# 140-270 106-53
280# 200-325 75-45

Technical Information

Appearance: Clean and transparent, no visible bubbles and impurity.



Spherical beads:≥75%

SiO2 content:>72%


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